Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles

What is a Hopi Ear Candle?

hopi-ear-candling1Hopi Ear Candling (also known as  Thermal-aricular Therapy) is an ancient, mild and natural therapy which have been used by the Native American Indian for many years.

The Hopi candle is not a candle as such, but a hollow tube made out of cotton flax. To stiffen the flax, they are impregnated with extract of honey and herb oils (in particular Chamomile, Sage and St Johns Wort). The healing properties of these have been known to the Hopi tribe for hundreds of years. The making of the candles is a complex process and all genuine Hopi candles are made in the traditional manner.

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How do Hopi Ear Candles work?

The candle is placed over the ear orifice and ignited and as it burns it produces a gentle local heat. The warm air combined with the oil and herbs soften the wax and working on a chimney principle, draw it into the base of the candle. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions. Secretion flow is gently stimulated and the vapour collects and removes impurities or deposits. Most of these are carried away through the ‘Candle Chimney‘, although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear, or could even work their way up to the surface 24-48 hours after

Biosun Essential Oil Hopi Ear CandlesHopi Ear Candles are known to help:

  • Earache
  • Earwax
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Tinnitus

What can I expect during a Hopi Ear Candling?

The candle is then gently placed into the auditory canal, where it is lit. I hold it in a vertical position, my hands keeping the candle steady and preventing any ash falling on to you. You will experience a pleasant crackling sound as the candle burns and a warm comfortable feeling.

Hopi Ear Candles with OilsThe candle is then removed and the ear and surrounding area is then massaged. The treatment is repeated on the other ear and then a complete facial massage is carried out with particular attention to the sinus areas.

Most clients find the whole experience very relaxing and some even fall asleep during treatment.